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Turnkey Projects


Here Templates are found to make project reports by self - Pre-Feasibility Report, DPR - Detail Project Report and TEFR - Techno-Economic Feasibility Report. You pay only at the time of downloading the report prepared by yourself.

General Project Feasibility Report

This report addresses techno-commercial aspects in general. It covers :

  • Introduction
  • History of the Product
  • Uses and Applications
  • Market Survey
  • Technical Aspects
  • Return on Investment
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Financial Aspects
  • Plant Layout

  • Quality Standards
  • Required Plant & Machinery
  • Suppliers of Machinery
  • Required Raw Materials
  • Suppliers of Raw Materials
  • Break Even Point
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Profit to Sales Ratio
  • Cash Flow Statement

Customised Detailed Project Report

Customised DPR addresses to entrepreneur's specific needs, provisions and constraints. All the techno-commercial aspects of general feasibility report are covered at length. The schedule and milestones towards project accomplishment are specified. It takes into consideration the actual prevalent conditions at client's end; specific interests/ desires; design intricacies, process limitations, tools of inspection and quality certification, actual rate quotations of plant & machinery , raw materials; government norms; local & global market report on supply and demand, plan of project execution etc..

Here post login you can make your project report by own self in the Production Centre; have your existing project reports checked at the Vetting Centre, pick your choice project report Of the Shelf and where need be , obtain Valuation Certificate from certified valuer and chartered engineer. Further, at Sale - Buy you would know about the sale / buy offers for projects, plant & machinery ; at Purchase Counter we purchase your project reports should it be of relevance and interest to us; and Customised Reports on projects can be got done by us where in need is specific and requires in-depth due dilligence.

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Feasibility Study Preliminary Study
Problem Identification and Solving Project Cost Evaluation
Performance Design Detailed Design
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