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Corporate & Institutional Training Programs and Project Management
We at Corp Scan :

  • undertake Management and Development of Human Resource focusing on Management Development Training Programs; Skill Up-gradation Workshops and Employee Orientation Programs.
  • provide for Technical & Management consultancy - that include industrial projects, organizational analysis, corporate restructuring and enterprise resource planning.
  • are trainers with difference - addressing needs of Behavioural Skills, Managerial Skills, Soft Skills and Technical Skills training ;
  • perform and benefit client organisations to augment productivity, enhance retention, and decline employee attrition ;
  • prepare horses for the courses wherein all programs are custom designed to suit your needs and requirements.

The key words of relevance that relates to our services are :

Identify : Identify is with the participant needs, client organisation needs, system demands, the gap in actual and achievable. It answers the question - as to why we are needed? We identify ourselves with the process and extend our services as integral part of it.

Impart : This is the participation and contribution phase; where in we unwind the training package and actively involve the participants to upgrade their skills.

Improve : This is the purpose, intent and objective of the whole training exercise which yields improved results. We deliver measurable benefits to the participants and client organisations through meticulously devised and sincerely delivered programs.

Evaluate : Uncover the needs of clients, understand the system demands, the gap in actual and achievable. It corresponds to why we are needed for the project / assignment / task.

Evolve : Work out solutions in line with determined provisions and constraints. In this phase we exercise our skills and apply wisdom gained through years of experience and propound alternative solutions for considerations - listing the outcomes and consequences thereof.

Enable : This is the purpose, intent and objective of the whole consultancy exercise which yields improved results. We facilitate in ensuring that the solutions get implemented the right way and the results are in line with expectations. We interact & transact with client organizations in order to satisfy them to their delight.

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Corporate Training Programmes; Skill Upgradation Workshops and Project Management Services based in India